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Homework Help for Elementary and Middle School Students

EBSCO has created a search interface designed specifically for elementary/middle school students according to their needs and search abilities. The Kids Search interface combines a state-of-the-art search engine (powered by EBSCOhost®) with a child-friendly, graphically-rich design that is both powerful and fun to use.

Kids Search makes it easier for students to look for their subjects of interest by automatically searching across all applicable databases simultaneously. Important features and functionality of Kids Search include a completely new, visually appealing look and feel; the ability to search by topic, subtopic, or keywords; simultaneous searching across all subscribed databases; the ability to sort results by relevance, as well as by date; the option of filtering search results by source type; and the ability to add search results, images, or persistent links to searches to the Folder.

Some databases may include Lexiles in citation information. The Lexile assigned to a result gives an educator an estimate of the reading difficulty of the result, and the approximate grade level reading ability required for comprehension. The grade level does not necessarily reflect the student's actual grade.

Younger researchers may also utilize the Searchasaurus interface.

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